01. For supper we had a [fantastic] 6-course meal, followed by several glasses of champagne.
02. She has done a [fantastic] job of organizing the Christmas party; I'm sure it'll be the best one we've ever had.
03. They had a [fantastic] time in Greece on their holidays, and are planning to go back next year.
04. The contractors have done a [fantastic] job on the renovations to our house; the place looks even better than we'd expected.
05. The movie was [fantastic]; the special effects were unbelievable and the story was great.
06. The kids thought that Disneyland was [fantastic]; they'd go every year if we could afford it.
07. She looks [fantastic] in that dress. Every guy at the party has been staring at her all night.
08. You got the job? That's [fantastic]!
09. The team has been playing [fantastically] and is expected to make it to the finals this year.
10. Eric invented some kind of video game that he sold to a big company and now he's [fantastically] rich.
11. After being shrunk to the size of bacteria, the scientists went on a [fantastic] voyage into the body of a human being.
12. The African nation of Namibia's charms are well known in neighboring South Africa, but outsiders have only recently discovered its beautiful deserts, and [fantastic] beaches.
13. Karl Marx argued that man found only his own reflection in the [fantastic] reality of heaven, where he sought a supernatural being.
14. Taking surfing lessons was a [fantastic] idea. My son and I had a great time.
15. Songwriter Lorenz Hart once wrote, "Wide awake I can make my most [fantastic] dreams come true."
16. Oscar Wilde once suggested that fashion is the method by which the [fantastic] becomes for a moment universal.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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